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Identification theft: No fees despite evidence

Identification theft: No fees despite evidence

CHICAGO (WLS) — It really is not any longer a matter of „if” but „when” somebody shall just take your private information. Chicago police say in 2013 there have been significantly more than 13,000 reported incidents of identification theft or any other comparable crimes, and also the division has additionally recently beefed up its monetary crimes device.

But one residential district girl is questioning why two suspects and also require taken her identification have not yet been charged.

Cyndi Foglio includes a giant stack of documents saturated in credit checks, collection agency notices and $2,500 of pay day loans inside her title. They have ballooned to nearly $200,000 by having a 499 % interest.

She claims after discovering the identification theft in 2013, she turned to the Algonquin Police Department for help february.

A lot more than a 12 months ago, in August 2013, detectives handed the scenario up to the Chicago Police Department as the suspects that are potential in Chicago. In accordance with an Algonquin police report, subpoenaed information suggests that the internet cash advance ended up being withdrawn from an internet protocol address in the Southern Side. The report listings suspect n...

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