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6 kinds of Desi Boys You Meet on Dating Apps

We’re all away right here interested in the partner of y our aspirations, but along that journey we often need to wade through some not-so-perfect matches first. Stereotypes are mostly bad and you ought to never ever judge some body them, but some stereotypes exist for a reason…because they’re true before you get to know! If you’ve spent any moment in the great outdoors realm of desi internet dating, you’ve most likely run into many of these kinds of desi boys:

1. The Desi Fuckboi Wanna Be that is aka Drake

Do we also need certainly to explain that one? Then you understand 2-5 men such as this individually. They define their life mottos with Drake lyrics, shoot for that perfectly lined beard, and tend to be probably speaking with a couple of girls on top of that all the time. This is actually the type to flake you“u up?” later that night on you for a planned date but then text.

2. The Bollywood Fusion Dancer aka SRK Wannabe

The hopeless intimate with Bollywood sources for virtually any conversation. Was almost certainly on a party team in university, is most probably to split away into “ek pal ka jeena” party moves at celebration, and is particularly likely to snuggle up to you for many DDLJ netflix and chill time. He’ll never forget to text you right back, but 1 / 2 of the reactions may be by means of famous film dialogues. Oh and he’ll probably say I adore you too early.

3. Mamma’s Boy aka Tolia Lao Type

Their mother spoiled the crap away from him and if you’re making him choose from you and her, you may lose each time. He’ll provide her naming liberties over your first born and assert she lives with you after wedding. Also cook that is can’t clean to save lots of their life, and can expect you to definitely be at his beck-and-call, exactly like his mom had been (ergo tolia lao). Early flags that are red mentions just just what his mom told him to take into consideration inside the wife.

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