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Springleaf Holdings and the Re-Emergence of Sub-Prime Consumer Lending

Springleaf Holdings and the Re-Emergence of Sub-Prime Consumer Lending

Editor’s note: through the credit crisis, we discovered that making loans to over-indebted customers could possibly be an extremely bad company. Even though it’s tough to directly attribute causality, 487 banking institutions have actually unsuccessful in the usa since 2008. A healthier part of those problems most likely is because of making subprime loans.

But that is the last. One of many things we learn in investing is the fact that the thing that is same carried out in differing times and differing means, can provide shockingly various outcomes. The report below is a bull instance when it comes to equity in a subprime loan provider previously owned by AIG.

The writer contends that the organization can be set for a bright future because of the confluence of facets that could have felt unlikely just a couple months ago, such as the return associated with the asset-backed securities (ABS) market as well as the credit quality of subprime borrowers. You would have reacted to these same words written just a few years ago as you read, imagine how.

Springleaf Holdings (NYSE: LEAF) combines a quantity of major themes appearing through the current credit crisis, like the changing focus of “too big to fail” banking institutions, the general deleveraging of home credit, while the falling and reemergence regarding the securitization areas, fueled to some extent by the portfolio rebalance outcomes of quantitative easing.

Springleaf sits right in the center of all those themes because it funds its stability sheet through both securitizations of loans in addition to debt that is unsecured — both areas revitalized with ZIRP (zero interest rate policies) plus the chase for yield. Possibly most fascinating is the fact that this device once was owned by AIG, simply to be offered in a fire purchase to personal equity firm Fortress this season.

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