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“Excess” Argon in Lunar Rocks. The 1801 Flow from Hualalai Volcano

“Excess” Argon in Lunar Rocks. The 1801 Flow from Hualalai Volcano

On the other hand, numerous lunar rocks have such big quantities of what exactly is regarded as being excess argon that dating by K/Ar just isn’t also reported. (77, p. 200)

The citation because of this declaration is always to a study by Turner (128). Turner, nevertheless, made no such comment about extra argon in lunar rocks, and there aren’t any information in the report by which this type of summary might be based. The declaration by Rofahl and Segraves (77) is actually unjustifiable.

Volcanic stones made by lava flows which took place Hawaii within the years 1800-1801 were dated because of the potassium-argon technique.

Extra argon produced obvious many years ranging from 160 million to 2.96 billion years. (77, p. 200)

Comparable rocks that are modern in 1801 near Hualalai, Hawaii, had been discovered to provide potassium-argon ages including 160 million years to 3 billion years. (92, p. 147)

Kofahl and Segraves (77) and Morris (92) cite research by Funkhouser and Naughton (51) on xenolithic inclusions into the 1801 movement from Hualalai Volcano from the Island of Hawaii.

The 1801 movement is uncommon since it holds really abundant inclusions of stones foreign towards the lava. These inclu...

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