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6 kinds of Desi Boys You Meet on Dating Apps

6 kinds of Desi Boys You Meet on Dating Apps

We’re all away right here searching for the partner of our desires, but along that journey we sometimes need certainly to wade through some not-so-perfect matches first. Stereotypes are typically bad and you ought to never ever judge someone before you can understand them, many stereotypes occur for a reason…because they’re true! You’ve probably come across a few of these types of desi boys if you’ve spent any time in the wild world of desi online dating:

1. The Desi Fuckboi aka Wanna Be Drake

Do we also have to explain this 1? Then you know 2-5 men such as this personally. They define their life mottos with Drake lyrics, focus on that perfectly lined beard, and so are most likely speaking with a few girls on top of that at all times. Here is the type to flake for you for a well planned date then again text you “u up?” later that night.

2. The Bollywood Fusion Dancer aka SRK Wannabe

The hopeless intimate with Bollywood sources for virtually any discussion. Was almost certainly on a party team in university, is most probably to split down into “ek pal ka jeena” party moves at an ongoing party, and it is almost certainly to snuggle up with you for many DDLJ netflix and chill time. He’ll remember to text you straight back, but 50 % of the reactions will soon be in the type of famous movie dialogues. Oh and he’ll probably say I like you too early.

3. Mamma’s Boy aka Tolia Lao Type

Their mother spoiled the crap away from him if you’re making him select from both you and her, you are going to lose each time.

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