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This corrected ratio says the corrected age ought to be virtually zero since Pb 206 /Pb 207 = 21.5 for contemporary lead that is radiogenic. (117, p. 36)

Although Cook’s (28) logic may, superficially, appear reasonable and simple, it is affected with several severe fundamental flaws. First, 204 Pb is certainly not missing when you look at the Katanga examples; it just wasn’t measured! In the report, Nier (100) states:

Really, in 20 of this 21 examples investigated the actual quantity of typical lead is really small this one do not need to just just just take account associated with the variants in its structure. In many different examples where in fact the abundance of 204 Pb had been really low no effort had been designed to assess the number of it given that dedication could be of no specific value. (100, p. 156)

Evidently, neither Cook (28) iamnaughty review, Morris (92), nor Slusher (117) bothered to read through Nier’s (100) complete report and mistakenly interpreted the dash for 204 Pb in Faul’s (46) tabulation as “zero, ” whenever, in reality, it indicates “not calculated.


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