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Let me know Exactly Why Are Men Frustrated With Dating?

Let me know Exactly Why Are Men Frustrated With Dating?

Is dating a punishing situation for males?

A week ago, I talked about why females aren’t able to find a „good” guy. For the reason that article, We explained my theory that ladies are stuck in a double-bind between what they’re told through contemporary social norms and their very own motivation that is biological. This week, i am going to talk about exactly how that double-bind for females might have led to a double-bind for males too.

Today, guys are offered confusing and advice that is contradictory. Socially, they’ve been anticipated to be „compliant” (in other words. cooperative) partners to females. But, they are advised by ladies’ intimate interest to keep a personality that is”attractive (for example. Ambitious and assertive). Regrettably, males often report that trying to balance these notions will not end in satisfaction, joy, or ladies’ admiration and respect.

The guys that we talk to (and whom commented to my last post) lament about being in a „no-win situation” in contemporary relationship. Them to do, they often end up „good guys” who are taken advantage of, mistreated, and disrespected if they follow what society tells. On the other hand, they are labeled „jerks” and „players”—who may get...

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